�The Foundations of Synergetics: Blow-up Regimes, Self-Organization, Tempoworlds�(St.Petersburg: Aletheia, 2002. 418 p.) by Helena Knyazeva and Sergei P. Kurdyumov








Chapter 1. Synergetics from the Historical Retrospective Point of View.

Precursors of Synergetics in Science


Chapter 2. Synergetics as a new Paradigm.

Dialogue with I.Prigogine

2.1. The Creation Fire

2.2. The Curtailment of the Complex:

the Notion of Structure-Attractors of Evolution

2.3. The Image of an Open Medium

2.4. Philosophical Sense of the Concept of �Nonlinearity�

2.5. Blow-up Processes

2.6. Development through Instability

2.7. Wandering over a Field of Evolutionary Ways

2.8. Does the Modem Science Lose its Materialistic Character?

2.9. Once again about Reductionism

2.10. A New Image of Determinism



Chapter 3. The Synergetic Extension of the Anthropic Principle

3.1. Synergetics as a Science of Complexity

3.2. The Anthropic Principle in Synergetics

3.2.1. A Narrow Evolutionary Corridor in the Complexity

3.2.2. Reduction of Complexity

3.2.3. Justification of the Model. Competition of Two Factors in a Nonlinear System

3.2.4. The Problem of Reconstruction of an Attractor

3.2.5. The Method of AAS (Approximate Auto-model Solutions)

3.2.6. A New Type of Strange Attractors

3.2.7. A Spectrum of Structure-Attractors Exists Close by the S-Regime

3.3. The Complexity: the Whole and the Aim

3.4. On the Way Towards Synergetics with Human Face

3.5. Models of Synergetics, Development of Humankind, Demographic Crises

3.5.1. The Hyperbolic Character of the World Population Growth

3.5.2. The Inner Stability of the Law of Growth

3.5.3. The Asymptotic Instability. Demographic Crises.

The Modern Danger of a Super-catastrophe.

3.5.4. Periods in Human History. The Shortening of the Period

3.5.5. Oscillations in Space. Nets of Cities. Christaller�s Lattices

3.5.6. The Media of Information. The Possibility of Strengthening of Nonlinearity

3.5.7. Some Expectations and Forecasts


Chapter 4. Synergetics in the Context of Culture

4.1. Synergetic Ideas and Images of Human Culture

4.1.1. Attractors. The Aims of Evolution

4.1.2. Bifurcations. Branchings. Choice

4.1.3. Fractals. Self-similarity of Processes on the Different Levels.


4.1.4. The Vortex Begetting

4.2. Synergetics at the Crossroads of the Eastern and the Western Cultures.

Synergetics and the East

4.2.1. Everything in Everything

4.2.2. The Potential and the Unrevealed

4.2.3. The Yin-Yang Rhythms. Eternal Recurrence

4.2.4. The Idea of Connection between Tempoworlds

4.2.5. The Creative Role of Chance

4.2.6. How Is the Shortest Path Possible?

4.2.7. The Idea of Resonance. Bonds of the Echo Type

4.3. Synergetics and the Traditions of the West

4.3.1. Plato�s Perfect Bodies of Nature

4.3.2. The Cosmic Vortexes of Descartes

4.3.3. Monadology of Leibniz

4.3.4. The Image of Becoming in Chaos Described by Nietzsche

4.3.5. The Creative Evolution According to Bergson

4.3.6. The Modi of Time by Heidegger


Chapter 5. The Main Principles of Synergetic Worldview

5.1. New Notion of Chaos

5.2. New Teleology

5.3. New Holism

5.3.1. The Integration of Structures through the Establishment

of a Common Tempo of Development

5.3.2. How is the Acceleration of Tempo of Development Possible? . 91

5.3.3. Symmetry and Asymmetry

5.3.4. The Past and the Future are �Impressed� on an Architecture

of a Structure

5.3.5. �Self-rising to the Surface� of Memory Structures

5.3.6. A Meeting of Different Tempoworlds

5.4. New Principles of Management

5.4.1. The Application of the New Methodology to the World

of Physical Processes

5.4.2. Its Application to the Human and Social World.

Constructive Principles of the Complex Systems Co-evolution

In the Search of Parameters of Order.

Super-rapid Development of Processes in Social Systems

The Field of Evolutionary Paths in Social Systems

Problems of Co-evolution of a Human and Nature

Determination of Evolutionary Processes from the Future

Role of Chaos in Social Development

When Can a Personality Influence the Course of History?

A Path of Acceleration of Evolution

Laws of Integration of Complex Social Structures

Pulsative Rhythm of the Accent to Unity

The Possibility of Transformation of the Field of Paths of Evolution


Chapter 6. On The Way Towards Synergetics of Cognition

6.1. �Babylon Tower� of Knowledge

6.2. Criticism of the Traditional Linear View

6.3. Is Synergetics Applicable to the Analysis of Cognitive Processes?

6.4. Three Arguments in Defense of Synergetics of Cognition

6.5. Nonlinear View of Cognitive Evolution

6.6. The Embodied Mind: The Prospects of Application of the Models of Nonlinear Dynamics in Cognitive Science


Chapter 7. The Mental Ferment of the Creators. Synergetic View

of �Cognitive Robinzonian Activities�

7.1. Scenarios of the Creative Thinking

7.2. The Emergent Appearance of a New or its Latent

Predetermination? The Attractors of the Creative Thinking

7.3. Self-organization as a Mechanism of the Creative Thinking

7.3.1. Holism in the Creative Work

7.3.2. The Art of Selection

7.3.3. Self-completing

7.3.4. A Cascade of the Talent Crystallization

7.3.5. The Phenomenon of Resonance

7.4. Beyond the Mental: the Path of the Creative Intuition and the Yoga Path

7.4.1. To Erase the Old Tracks

7.4.2. The Consciousness as a Treasure-house

7.4.3. The Tighting into a point

7.4.4. An Hierarchy of the Consciousness

The Connection of Tempoworlds

7.4.5. The Rhythms of the Creative Activities

7.4.6. Human Being as a Device. A Resonance

7.4.7. A Danger of Splitting of the Consciousness

7.4.8. A Topology of the Soul


Chapter 8. The Adventures of the Collective Mind.

The Historical Development of Science and Culture from the Synergetic Point of View

8.1. Alternative and Diverse Evolutionary Ways

of Scientific Knowledge

8.2. Unevenness of Tempo of Scientific Progress.

An Oscillatory Regime

8.3. Impossibilities of the Getting Rid of the Prejudices in Science.

Misconceptions of the Collective Mind

8.4. The Nature of Innovations

8.4.1. The New as a Forgotten Old

8.4.2. The New as an Intersection of Scientific Traditions

8.4.3. The New as a �Mutation� of Cultural Relay-races

8.5. The Phenomenon of Inertia of the Paradigmatic Consciousness

8.6. Conditions of �Survival� of the New in Science

8.6.1. How Can the Searching Spirit Express �der Zeitgeist�

(the �Spirit of Time�)?

8.6.2. The Phenomenon of the Simultaneous Scientific Discoveries.

The Ideas are Looking for People

8.6.3. Ecology of Knowledge. The Individual �Building into Culture�


Chapter 9. Synergetics of Education

9.1. Why Does Synergetics Have a Special Significance for Education?

9.1.1. Interdisciplinarity of Synergetics

9.1.2. The Synthetic Function of Synergetics

9.1.3. Synergetics as a Strategy of Research

9.1.4. The connection of Synergetics with the Future

9.1.5. Synergetics as a Method and Contents of Education

9.2. The Synergetic Methods of Education

9.2.1. Self-Education

9.2.2. Nonlinear Dialogue

9.2.3. Awakening Education

9.2.4. Education as an Adaptive Modification

9.2.5. Education as a Phase Transition

9.2.6. Gestalt-education

9.3. Return to the Visual Thinking


Chapter 10. Synergetics and the Futures Studies

10.1. Thinking Oriented towards Foreseeing the Future

10.2. Global Problems and Global Opportunities

10.3. Changes inAttitudes of Research

10.4. Alternative and Attainable Future. A Spectrum of Pathways into the Future

10.5. Horizons of Future. Limits of Predictability

10.6. Future is already here. One has only to learn to see it

10.7. The Art of Soft Management

10.5. To Attain Unattainable. Hopes for Better Future






Appendix I.

Belavin, V.A., Kapitza, S.P., and Kurdyumov, S.P. The Mathematical Model of Global Demographic Processes with Regard for Spatial Distribution.


Appendix II.

Knyazeva E.N. Complex Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics in Nature and in Society.

Notes on the 1st Annual Conference of the German Society for Complex Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics (October 1997)


Appendix III.

Synergetics: Thirty-years-old Child and his Father. Interview with Prof. H.Haken. Conducted by H.Knyazeva.





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